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Who're cheaper than Indian IT professionals? The North Koreans.

After Eric Schmidt's recent visit to India, he travelled to other parts of Asia which included the North Korean capital of Pyongyang. Much to the curiosity of those looking on from the sidelines, he spent all of four days in the "red" capital ostensibly to—just as he did in India—promote the Internet and Internet connectivity. However, a South Korean professor of North Korean Studies does not believe that this was the only item on Schmidt's agenda during his visit.

Tata Sons wins tatainfotech.in domain dispute

The Delhi high court has, as expected, awarded the Tata Sons vs. Arno Palmen case over the right to the tatainfotech.in domain to the Tatas.

Egypt cable cut/sabotage translates to slow Internet in India

News broke yesterday of the Egyptian Navy catching three scuba divers off the coast of Alexandria who were trying to sever an undersea fibre-optic cable.

TRAI trying to enforce 12 minutes of advertising per hour rule

A story on Live Mint notes that TRAI is trying to enforce a rule restricting advertising time on television channels to 12 minutes per hour. The following are some of the reactions cited in the article:

Ad wars and brand battles

The Economic Times, in one of its "slideshows", lists a few of the more notable retaliatory ad campaigns seen in the Indian media. They include:

“You cannot run a modern country without a modern Internet”: Eric Schmidt

Google's chairman, Eric Schmid, noted that India's Internet infrastructure is lagging well behind the rest of the world.

China's next-generation Internet

An article in New Scientist covers a journal report on the state of upcoming upgrades to China's national Internet infrastructure.

Goodbye Transecute/PayPal, hello Pay.pw?

Anyone who has considered offering a payment gateway in India is probably (painfully) familiar with Transecute. The firm is a sister concern of Directi, a domain registrar and parent company of, amongst others, the webhoster, Bigrock. It now appears that Directi is phasing out support for Transecute in favour of a new service, Pay.pw.

You are what you eat: mulicoloured ants

Dr. Mohamed Babu of Mysore noticed something strange about the ants scurrying around on the floor of his kitchen: After drinking some spilled milk, their abdomens turned white. Realizing the insects’ bodies were transparent, he got an idea for a stunning set of photographs.

Titan CEO tells off the French for being too lazy

Unfortunately, the Titan in question isn't the desi version. Instead, we are talking about the CEO of Titan International, an American tyre company that manufactures off-road tyres under the Titan and Goodyear brands.