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Banks disable ATM cash retraction feature due to fraud

The RBI has asked all banks to disable the cash retraction facility that is a feature in all ATMs. This facility ensures that if a customer forgets to collect his cash and leaves the ATM, then the machine will suck the currency notes back in and credit the appropriate amount back into the customer's account. However, the RBI has noted that banks were reporting a number of instances where this feature was being abused by frauds:

Sandhan: a search engine with Indic support

The Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DEITy) has launched what appears to be a prototype effort at a search engine dedicated to service Indian customers not conversant with English. Dubbed Sandhan, the interface currently supports five languages—Bengali, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu—and primarily answers queries particular to Indian tourism.

India, Pakistan and the illegal antiquities trade

An article in LiveMint follows the trail of idols stolen by small-time smugglers from abandoned temples in rural Tamilnadu all the way to their eventual sale for huge sums of money in the United States and elsewhere.

Indian English: an overview

A question on quora.com asked for phrases peculiar to Indian English which are often baffling to the rest of the world. A user named Pushpendra Mohta provided this answer.

Kartick Chandra Paul, Kolkata's Ptolemy

A 72-year old resident of Kolkata named Kartick Chandra Paul has spent the last few decades of his life trying to convince people that the Sun revolves around the Earth with the other planets revolving around the Sun. He does his convincing through the use of graffiti and illustrated leaflets that adorn the walls and lamp-posts of South Kolkata.

How to pronounce Samsung, Hyundai, and Daewoo in Korean

For all those peeps who pronounce Hyundai as hyoon-daai or worse.

India's clinical trial

ET and a number of other papers are making full use of a report submitted in parliament yesterday which catalogues the number of deaths registered during clinical trials in India.

Jugaad: How to push-start a loaded lorry

"Saw this tractor was jacked up and had a rope tied through the wheel. Didn't understand why. Maybe waiting for parts? They showed me later what the rope was for."

Army to introduce "mini-UAVs" in J&K

The Indian Army has issued a tender for 20 "mini" UAVs for deployment in Jammu and Kashmir. Their stated use is for counter-terrorism operations where they will be employed for information-gathering purposes. The tender is open to all "global original equipment manufacturers".

The science of life

The 'science of life' aka Ayurveda is now getting chic in India as well. According to this article on Livemint, some serious spin has been imparted to it "at Threesixty°, the buzzing world-cuisine restaurant at The Oberoi, New Delhi". Prior to being served, you are apparently 'sized-up' based on your build and personality which places you in one of the following categories: