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Criminal Stupidity

Open has a feature on crimes gone sour due to stupidity. It's rather amusing to find out that US crims haven't cornered this market. Gems include a man trying to rob the RBI and a trio who chance upon Shahrukh Khan's credit card.

Ad wars and brand battles

The Economic Times, in one of its "slideshows", lists a few of the more notable retaliatory ad campaigns seen in the Indian media. They include:

Hitler and Frankenstein to contest Meghalaya elections

According to a report by AFP, candidates with names such as Adolf Lu Hitler-Marak, Frankenstein Momin, Predecessor Rumnong, and Process Sawkmie are set to contest the upcoming elections in Meghalaya.

Indian English: an overview

A question on quora.com asked for phrases peculiar to Indian English which are often baffling to the rest of the world. A user named Pushpendra Mohta provided this answer.