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Internet related topics

Google and Airtel to provide a "free" zone for mobile users

Google+, Gmail, and Google Search can all now be accessed for "free" from an Airtel mobile phone. The aim of this project is "to put the web in the hands of more people and empower first time Internet users with several useful services of the Internet". Besides the Google services themselves, the first page of any external site accessed as a result of a Google Search will also not be metered.

Mouthshut.com and the battle for free speech

Open has a detailed piece on the travails of Mouthshut.com, the online review site, as it deals with companies which want negative reviews taken down.

Indian broadband speeds currently about 17% of global average

Cisco's Visual Networking Index for 2012–2017 forecasts usage and growth in Internet traffic in the next five years. Besides the expected excitement on mobile and video growth and Internet penetration, the paper and presentation offer per-country statistic which are quite telling.

Global broadband speeds:

Streisand Effect focusses on two Hyderabadi companies threatening to sue blogger for USD 1B

It is common knowledge nowadays that the academic journal industry has largely deteriorated into what can only be termed as a racket. Thousands of journals with shoddy standards have cropped up luring unsuspecting or inept academics and students with the promise of publication.

Stock manipulation: SEBI looking to monitor BBM and WhatsApp

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) apparently already has a team which monitors blogs and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter for stock fraud where manipulators try to influence people to buy certain stocks thereby driving their price up. But it is finding it difficult to perform the same task with Blackberry and WhatsApp messages.

A look at India's Internet Infancy

The Indian Express has a rather nostalgic (for some) story on the early days of the Internet in India.

Tata Sons wins tatainfotech.in domain dispute

The Delhi high court has, as expected, awarded the Tata Sons vs. Arno Palmen case over the right to the tatainfotech.in domain to the Tatas.

Egypt cable cut/sabotage translates to slow Internet in India

News broke yesterday of the Egyptian Navy catching three scuba divers off the coast of Alexandria who were trying to sever an undersea fibre-optic cable.

“You cannot run a modern country without a modern Internet”: Eric Schmidt

Google's chairman, Eric Schmid, noted that India's Internet infrastructure is lagging well behind the rest of the world.

China's next-generation Internet

An article in New Scientist covers a journal report on the state of upcoming upgrades to China's national Internet infrastructure.