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Google intern mines ICSE results to interesting effect

What appears to have started out as mere curiosity led Debarghya Das to force his way past the flimsy security barriers set in place by the CISCE to protect the results database containing the marks of all students who sat for their ICSE standards X or XII exams this year. He then retrieved all the available data including, according to him, student names, and out of further idle curiosity, proceeded to mine the entire set looking for patterns.

Indian broadband speeds currently about 17% of global average

Cisco's Visual Networking Index for 2012–2017 forecasts usage and growth in Internet traffic in the next five years. Besides the expected excitement on mobile and video growth and Internet penetration, the paper and presentation offer per-country statistic which are quite telling.

Global broadband speeds:

India, one of the worst places to be born into?

Well, India may not be one of the worst place to be born into on this planet. Worser might be a closer approximation if you go by a "quality-of-life" index published in The Economist.

Muthuball: Basketball's Moneyball

The use of statistical analysis has revolutionised sport in recent decades. Its success in baseball - as sabermetrics - was made famous by the book and movie (starring Brad Pitt) titled Moneyball.